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Biomount Aqua

Product Description

BioGnost’s BioMount Aqua synthetic medium for covering microscope sections and mounting medium for cover glasses provides expected transparency of sections. It also provides refractive index similar to refractive indexes of glass slide and cover glass, which in turn does not lead to unwanted refraction of light. This in turn results in clear and detailed image of the section. It is used for processing sections tested for enzymes and lipids, i.e. for testing samples that must not be dehydrated through series of ascending alcohol solutions and be cleared using xylene and xylene substitutes. A small amount of BioMount Aqua medium should be applied to the test sample in order to create a fixed permanent preparation (along with the solvent evaporation).

BIOMOUNT AQUA – Aqueous covering medium for microscope sections and mounting medium for cover glasses, medium viscosity (1800-2100 cSt), refractive nD=1.3630-1.3670 at 20 °C


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Purpose Of Usage

Storage Conditions

BMA-100, BMA-250, BMA-500

100mL, 250ml, 500mL


15-25 °C

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