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CryoFix Gel

Product Description

BioMount synthetic covering/mounting media provide expected tissue transparency and sample preservation during the period of several years. BioGnost media’s refractive indices are similar to those of glass slide and cover glass. That does not cause the unwanted refraction of light and it provides a clear and detailed image of the sample. BioMount, BioMount High, BioMount DPX, BioMount DPX High, BioMount DPX Low, BioMount DPX Low Eco and BioMount C media are xylene-based. That makes them compatible with BioGnost’s BioClear xylene, clearing/deparaffinizi

BioGnost’s CryoFix is an appropriate viscosity medium for embedding frozen samples during the process of sectioning in a cryostat. It contains a mixture of resins and glycols soluble in water. Freezing temperature of the mixture is optimal for sectioning in a cryostat and it fits the freezing point of water (0°C). It is used for permeating tissues and forming blocks. That enables sections that can be stained using standard histological techniques. It is conveniently packed for easier handling. It is available in various colors.

CF-100 (100 ml) CryoFix Gel

CFR-100 (100 ml) CryoFix Gel Pink

CFP-100 (100 ml) CryoFix Gel Blue

CFZ-100 (100 ml) CryoFix Gel Green

CFY-100 (100 ml) CryoFix Gel Yellow

CRYOFIX GEL – Embedding medium for cryostat sectioning in different colors


Cat. No.


Purpose Of Usage

Storage Conditions

CF-100, CFR-100, CFP-100, CFZ-100, CFY-100



15-25 °C

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