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Immersion Oil Tropical Grade

Product Description

BioGnost’s immersion oils for a clearer microscopic analysis.

Immersion oil is used for microscopic examination of prepared samples with as much detail as possible thereby contributing to a safer diagnostic conclusion. Refractive index of BioGnost’s Immersion oils is equal to refractive index of cover slips and glass slide. Add one drop of BioGnost’s immersion oil on the cover glass, then immerse the immersion objective. Since the rays of light are passing through from the section to the objective through the same refractive index media, they are not refracted, so the image of the section looks clearer and with much more details.

IMMERSION OIL, TROPICAL GRADE (IUT-100 (100 mL); IUT-250 (250 mL); IUT-500 (500 mL)) – Synthetic immersion oil is suitable for use under higher temperatures (27-29 °C) and it achieves optimal refractive index nD=1,515.


Cat. No.


Purpose Of Usage

Storage Conditions

IUT-100, IUT-250, IUT-500

100mL, 250ml, 500mL


15-25 °C

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